Scott Kurtzweil has been active as a private instructor of music since 1987.  He is currently instructor of clarinet at Southwestern Michigan College and previously served on the music faculties of The University of Notre Dame, Andrews University and several other institutions of higher learning.  He has also presented clinics at some of the most prestigious clarinet programs in the United States including the Eastman School, The Boston Conservatory, The University of North Texas and Indiana University.  

Scott Kurtzweil began his work on mouthpieces in 2002 under the mentorship of the late Jerry Hall, where he learned the fine craft of producing the ideal balance between the facing curve, tip opening, chamber and bore. The result is a mouthpiece that is highly responsive, centered and focused in tone, no matter the player or set-up.  Since that time, Scott has produced custom mouthpieces for players of all levels through out North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.  The year 2011 saw the launch of Kurtzweil Custom brand with the introduction of the JCII student mouthpiece. In 2012, Scott expanded his mouthpiece offering to include the “JC” Series, the professional counterpart to the JCII, as well as the new “Z” Series, Studio and KZ.

Scott holds a Master of Music degree from The University of Maryland where he was a graduate fellow and student of Michael Rusinek and a Bachelor’s degree in Clarinet from Western Michigan University where he was a student of Professor Bradley Wong.  He has had additional studies with Ben Armato, Sol Baer and Kent Krive.

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