The Newly Designed JCII Student Mouthpieces

PRJCIII’m happy to announce that the newly designed JCII for Bb clarinet and alto saxophone have been getting very good reviews from teachers and students and with more dealers adding it to their product mix, you should begin to see it on the shelf of your local music store starting this fall!

What’s different about the JCII you ask . . .

  • While most student mouthpieces offer an medium or medium open tip, the JCII provides the student with a medium close design that, when coupled with the medium long facing curve, allows the student to use a heavier reed from day one.  This translates into stronger embouchure development, better intonation and a more centered (characteristic) sound.
  • The chamber of the JCII mouthpieces are more open (A-Frame on the clarinet and oval on the alto) to make the mouthpiece easy to play.  With the more open chamber, the student can benefit from the closer tip without having to fight with the resistance or choked feeling of other “close” mouthpieces on the market.  The result is a happier, more comfortable young musician . . . and we all know that a comfortable student is one that will stick with the instrument as opposed to getting frustrated an quitting.

Both the alto and clarinet mouthpiece are made from an American made, acrylic blank that holds up well for the most abusive middle or high school students and they are hand faced, voiced and reamed to ensure wonderfully consistent performance.   To learn more or order <click here>.  Also, keep an eye out for the much asked for JCII tenor and bass clarinet pieces coming soon.



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